MoneyNeverSleeps is a weekly podcast that looks inside the head of entrepreneurs and at the crossover of startups, enterprise, finance, technology and life as we know it.

MoneyNeverSleeps was created in 2018 by Eoin Fitzgerald and Pete Townsend and is available on all major podcast platforms.

Eoin and Pete met as part of the startup ecosystem in Ireland in 2016, as both had recently left their corporate lives in financial services to start again as advisors to and investors in fintech startups.  Although they stayed in touch, Eoin heard Pete on one of his favorite podcasts in early 2018, and got back in touch to see if they could create their own podcast, and MoneyNeverSleeps was born.

MoneyNeverSleeps features interviews where we get inside the mind of the entrepreneur to find out what drives them and what keeps them awake at night, as well as those in the startup ecosystems of Ireland, UK, Europe and beyond to share their stories on working with and investing in ambitious entrepreneurs.  A couple of times each month, we also dive into news stories relevant to the cosmic cloud of finance, tech, startups and enterprise that we both operate in.

About the Hosts

Pete TownsendProfile Photo

Pete Townsend


Web3 & fintech investor, founder of Norio Ventures, mentor, non-executive director, podcaster and bad guitar player.

Eoin FitzgeraldProfile Photo

Eoin Fitzgerald


Fintech investor, podcaster, wannabe VC