Sept. 17, 2021

155: Vision | Sophie Guibaud and OpenPayd

Sophie Guibaud is the Chief Growth Officer at OpenPayd and she’s spent the last 10 years designing and executing the go-to-market…

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Sept. 10, 2021

154: My Parallel | Shane Monks O’Byrne and Aikido Finance

Shane Monks O’Byrne, founder and CEO of Aikido Finance, joins the show this week to talk about the Aikido Finance mission of demo…

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Aug. 20, 2021

151: Money Talks #39 | The First Edition of the Finsight Series

Recorded during the recent Finsight Series virtual event that Pete Townsend moderated (hosted by Navirum and Salesforce), this ep…

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July 16, 2021

146: Global Access | Ankur Mohan and MarketXLS

Ankur Mohan, Founder & CEO of MarketXLS, joins the show to share his story on his entry point into Galway in the West of Ireland …

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May 21, 2021

138: O.G. | Joseph Chang, Gray Webb and Liquibit Capital

This week, Joseph Chang and Gray Webb join the show to share their story on Liquibit Capital, a quantitative-driven investment ma…

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April 16, 2021

132: Jump Around | Mike Cavanaugh and Regiment Alpha

Mike Cavanaugh, Managing Partner at Regiment Alpha, shares his story on lessons learned in the open outcry commodity trading pits…

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Feb. 26, 2021

125: Lot to Learn | Gerry Fahy, Andrew Quinn and PAT Fintech

On the show this week we’ve got Gerry Fahy and Andrew Quinn with the story of the PAT Group and PAT Fintech, the Irish opportunit…

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Feb. 5, 2021

122: Fast Lane | Yoann Turpin and Wintermute

Yoann Turpin, co-founder and Head of Business Development at Wintermute, joins the show to talk about the parallels between compe…

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Jan. 15, 2021

119: Words of Advice, Pt 2 | Brian McDonald and Bay Advisory | Entrep…

Brian McDonald from Bay Advisory joins the show for Part 2 of a 2-part series on M&A and raising capital for entrepreneurs and ta…

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Jan. 8, 2021

118: Words of Advice, Part 1 | Brian McDonald and Bay Advisory

Brian McDonald from Bay Advisory joins the show for Part 1 of a 2-part series on M&A and raising capital for SMEs and talks throu…

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Dec. 31, 2020

117: Money Talks #27 | Big Valuations | Stripe | Bitcoin Scarcity | T…

In this special year-end Money Talks segment, Eoin Fitzgerald and Pete Townsend wax lyrical on big valuations in the 'Fintech Yea…

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Dec. 4, 2020

114: Changes | Mick Sweeney on Markets, Society, Leadership and Digit…

Mick Sweeney, CEO of PineBridge Investments in Ireland, joins the show to talk about what triggered his early interest in the fin…

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Nov. 27, 2020

113: Find Ya' Wealth | Elisabeth Dana and Infinity Circle

Elisabeth Dana from Infinity Circle joins the show to talk about how a career in wealth management inspired her to start all over…

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Oct. 22, 2020

108: Alphabet | Emmett Kilduff and Eagle Alpha

Emmett Kilduff, founder and CEO of Eagle Alpha, talks with Pete Townsend about alternative data, launching his first startup at t…

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Sept. 4, 2020

101: Digital Underground: Ambre Soubiran and Kaiko

Ambre Soubiran, CEO of Kaiko, joins the show this week to talk about how the pioneers of crypto and blockchain laid the foundatio…

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