May 5, 2023

217: Payday | Lee Gray and SonX

217: Payday | Lee Gray and SonX

Lee Gray is the co-founder and CEO of SonX, a community platform that allows superfans to subscribe to their favorite musicians via a monthly membership fee unlocking fan-only ticketing, exclusive audio content, and digital and physical collectibles.

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 SonX is one of the 12 founding teams forming the Techstars Web3 accelerator class of 2023.

In this episode, Lee and Pete Townsend dig into why it made so much sense for Lee to launch SonX alongside his co-founder Lewis Donovan, some of the ins and outs of the music industry that point to the need for SonX, Lee’s longer-term vision for SonX, and the core challenge of uniting musicians and their superfans.


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Episode title inspired by ‘Payday’ by Doja Cat

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Lee Gray

Co-founder & CEO, SonX