Dec. 8, 2019

067: Startup Insights #2: The Unexpected

067: Startup Insights #2:  The Unexpected

In this special segment, we feature four founders sharing how they dealt with one thing they didn't expect to face as a founder - Martin Brown from Unitek, Lizzy Hayashida from Change Donations, Andrew Mullaney from Premind and Paul Smyth from Top Tier Recruitment.

This episode is kindly sponsored by Ireland’s fintech and financial services recruitment specialists, Top Tier Recruitment.  If you would like an intro to the team at Top Tier Recruitment, please click here.

As a startup founder, there are tons of challenges thrown at you every day of the week, and no one can anticipate before taking the leap the level of adversity that you're going to face as an entrepreneur.  Depending on how many other founders you talked to before launching your venture, you may have heard some of the war stories, or perhaps not.  We asked four founders to share with us an unexpected challenge they faced and how they dealt with it:

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Andrew MullaneyProfile Photo

Andrew Mullaney

Co-founder and CTO, Premind