Sept. 16, 2022

190: Sky’s the Limit: Owen O’Driscoll and PlanDail

Founder and CEO of PlanDail, Owen O’Driscoll, riffs with Pete Townsend on PlanDail’s mission to build Europe’s premier cross-border, seamless, regulated crowdfunding platform, powered by carbon-neutral Algorand technology. PlanDail’s aim is to connect high-impact focused entrepreneurs with ESG/impact investors of …

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Nov. 19, 2021

164: John Wu from Ava Labs | Blockchain, Web3 and Building on Avalanc…

John Wu is president of Ava Labs, an a16z-backed technology company building the next-generation blockchain platform, Avalanche. In this episode, John shares insights on bringing passion to projects, building teams and communities in Web3, the sheer joy of bringing hundreds …

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Sept. 3, 2021

153: Money Talks #41: Amazon-Affirm BNPL | USDC and Stablecoins | Vis…

Eoin Fitzgerald and Pete Townsend walk through Amazon’s new partnership with BNPL (buy-now-pay-later) player Affirm and what this means for the Amazon flywheel, and then answer the question ‘what’s a stablecoin?’ in the context of USD Coin and the Centre …

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July 9, 2021

145: Calling My Spirit | Ernest Cantillon, Brian Elders and DramEx

Ernest Cantillon (CEO of DramEx) and Brian Elders (Founder of SORS Digital Assets and advisor to DramEx) join the show this week to talk about DramEx, a community governed digital whiskey marketplace. We get into the genesis of the DramEx …

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April 16, 2021

132: Jump Around | Mike Cavanaugh and Regiment Alpha

Mike Cavanaugh, Managing Partner at Regiment Alpha, shares his story on lessons learned in the open outcry commodity trading pits, his multiple entrepreneurial ventures amidst a life in fintech, having things thrown at him for saying ‘blockchain’, advising and helping …

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Dec. 18, 2020

116: All These Funds | Brian McNulty and FAC

Brian McNulty, founder and CEO of FundAdminChain (FAC), joins the show to talk about solving a real business problem with distributed ledger technology (DLT), how funding your business takes a team effort, enabling positive change for the investment funds industry …

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Nov. 6, 2020

110: Money Talks #25 | Digital Awakenings | Blockchain Rabbit Holes |…

We’ve flipped the tables this week, with Ken Coyne from OpsTalent interviewing Pete Townsend on his own digital awakening, insights on the startups he’s working with, the origins of enterprise blockchain, the present and the future of digital assets…and who …

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Sept. 18, 2020

103: Ya Know The Rules: Jill Richmond and Jewel

Jill Richmond, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Jewel, joins the show this week to talk about having agility at the core of everything they do, the relationship between regulations and problem solving…and backpacking solo through eastern Africa!

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Sept. 4, 2020

101: Digital Underground: Ambre Soubiran and Kaiko

Ambre Soubiran, CEO of Kaiko, joins the show this week to talk about how the pioneers of crypto and blockchain laid the foundation for the transformation of capital markets, Kaiko’s role beyond crypto as a financial market data provider…and the …

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June 26, 2020

091: Money Talks #17: Speeding up the Enterprise Sales Cycle with Da…

This week we talk to David Vatchev, Venture Development Lead at R3, on what it takes to survive uncertainty, stay relevant to investors while the venture capital cycle slows down, and also understand, measure and speed up the enterprise sales …

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March 27, 2020

079: Cryptic Wisdom - Colin Platt

Colin Platt joins the show to talk to Pete Townsend about leaving behind his early career in the capital markets, the crossover of solving entrepreneurial problems and solving global political problems, the professional merits of podcasting, hating and loving writing, …

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March 13, 2020

078: Money Talks #9: David Chreng - Blockchain & Sustainability

David Chreng from LeadBlock Partners joins the show to talk about how his time as an energy equity analyst influenced his view of the world, investing in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for sustainability-themed ventures, the development of blockchain and …

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Feb. 28, 2020

077: I Might Need Security (v2) - Luke Sully and Custody Digital Group

Luke Sully, founder and CEO of Custody Digital Group joins the show to talk about his path into digital assets from an IT security background, building a business through aligning the interests of talented people, why he's basing his operations …

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Feb. 14, 2020

075: Spiritual - Erin Grover

Erin Grover joins Pete Townsend to talk about her journey into crypto and digital assets, opening up the niche space of crypto hedge funds to professional investors, being guided by her own human nature of wanting to help others...and the …

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Jan. 31, 2020

073: Positivity - Ivailo Jordanov and 7Percent Ventures

Ivailo Jordanov from 7Percent Ventures joins Pete Townsend to share his story of powering the search engine pioneers of the dotcom era, his incurable optimism, becoming an early-stage tech investor....and being yet another person on the show admitting to not …

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