Sept. 18, 2020

103: Ya Know The Rules: Jill Richmond and Jewel

103: Ya Know The Rules: Jill Richmond and Jewel

Jill Richmond, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Jewel, joins the show this week to talk about having agility at the core of everything they do, the relationship between regulations and problem solving…and backpacking solo through eastern Africa!

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Jewel is a proposed Bermudian bank and technology firm building banking infrastructure for digital assets as a bridge to fiat banking. The Jewel team brings a deep set of experience in regulated financial businesses, has provided leadership and guidance on new banking and finance policy in the US and emerging markets, and has a track record of delivering innovative and compliant new financial market solutions. Jewel recently announced their partnership with Anchorage, a platform for digital asset custody.

In this episode, Jill talks to Pete Townsend about building the business in a fast-moving market while being in the midst of a licensing process, and a few of her personal experiences over the years – see below for some of the best soundbites:

On building solutions for the fast-moving digital assets market:“Our own agility has to be core to what we’re building. As the market matures, we have to pay very close attention to how the core problems that we’re solving are evolving, and how quickly we can build solutions.”

On responding to new information from the digital assets market: “As the information coming at us changes, we just keep asking ourselves, ‘Are the problems we’re solving immediate and are they a priority. Even though the industry is changing, the regulatory environment isn’t moving as quickly.”

On the relevance of her earlier days of building policy for refugee programs to her current modus operandi: ”It was always a policy-first process. I think I recognized that with building something disruptive and innovative in banking, it has to be led with policy as well. If we’re entering a very regulated space as a bank, we have to focus on regulatory clarity first.”

Also, listen in for stories about Jill’s formative years as a 10-year-old entrepreneur generating 20x returns, her adventures as a solo backpacker in east Africa and her steadfast refusal to postpone the recording of this podcast even though her car was broken into that morning!

To learn more about Jewel, get in touch at, and you can follow Jill on Twitter @JillRichmond77.

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