May 1, 2020

083: The Search: Ash Quinn and VideoRankMe

083: The Search: Ash Quinn and VideoRankMe

Ash Quinn from VideoRankMe joins the show to talk about her journey from a law degree to digital startups, the benefits of overcommunication when you have distributed teams around the world....and being a Gaeilgeoir! (go ahead, google it!)

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This week we talk to Ash Quinn from VideoRankMe, an Ireland-based early stage tech company doing some amazing things with online video and search engine optimization (SEO).  VideoRankMe is the first Google-approved video ranking technology for immediate “Page One” results on Google and YouTube.  Ash has a really interesting background with her soul-searching pivot away from her law degree in 2018 and her re-entry into the professional world driving digital businesses forward.  She also operates in a similar role with MoShoppa, a turnkey ecommerce platform and recently spun up Sweat25 connecting individuals with certified fitness professionals running live online classes.  In this episode, we cover:

  • Staying true to yourself and knowing deep down inside that you've made the right call.
  • An ability to get things done quicker without the time-eating necessity of business travel to New York and London, and also have a better work-life balance at the same time.  
  • The need to fine-tune your product for the right audience after initial success with the low-hanging fruit.
  • The "fire in the belly" moment Ash gets every time she gets that “wow” from the customer where they see their brand on the top page of Google.
  • Having the right work ethic and being willing to do the job that no one else wants to do, and listening intently to make sure that she's soaking up whatever she can from the team.
  • Having resilience, as startups are like rollercoasters, but you can get addicted to the emotions as they help you to push through and keep driving things forward.
  • Having people on the ground in New York, a tech team in India and Romania, a CTO is in Tipperary, a CEO in Cork, and a senior consultant in Sydney means that digital-only interaction with the team is business-as-usual.
  • The necessity of overcommunication for distributed teams and how that approach can stop things from slipping through the cracks.
  • Ash's education and her status as a Gaeilgeoir

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Ash Quinn

Founder & CEO of MoShoppa