April 21, 2021

133: Bonus Episode | Ollie Walsh and the Pipit Global Crowdfunding Campaign

133: Bonus Episode | Ollie Walsh and the Pipit Global Crowdfunding Campaign

This is a special bonus episode welcoming back Ollie Walsh, co-founder and CEO of Pipit Global, a for-profit social impact fintech based in Galway here in Ireland. Ollie was on the show back in July 2019 in episode 52, and as Pipit's crowdfunding campaign on the Spark Crowdfunding platform here in Ireland is about to go live to the public, we brought him back to bring us all up to speed on Pipit and share his story on the campaign.

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Pipit is a platform that now touches every continent and has the potential to impact the lives of millions with a safer and more cost-effective way for migrants to support their families. Ollie and the Pipit team are enabling the public to invest in their vision to reduce the global cost of remittance, and are launching their crowdfunding campaign the week of April 26th on the Spark Crowdfunding platform.

To learn more about the Spark Crowdfunding platform, check out the interview we did with Chris Burge, co-founder and CEO of Spark, in episode 111.

[For the sake of transparency, Pete Townsend (host of this episode) is a non-executive director on the board of Pipit Global, and is invested in the company.]


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Ollie Walsh

Co-founder and CEO at Pipit Global