Sept. 11, 2020

102: Connector: Jean Evans and Venture Business Network

102: Connector: Jean Evans and Venture Business Network

Jean Evans from the Venture Business Network joins the show this week to share her insights on how to get started with professional networks, building your own board of advisors by developing your network, and being a master networker and a shy introvert at the same time.

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The Venture Business Network is a dynamic community of business owners and leaders who share their knowledge and connections to support one another in the development of more successful businesses.

We’ve been talking a lot about how the shift to mostly virtual or virtual-only interaction with customers and investors has impacted entrepreneurs in the last few months, and how everyone is adapting. So, we were thrilled to connect with Jean to dive into how important it is to keep your wider network engaged. In this episode, Jean shares her experiences and insights on:

  • Her “just get on with it” mindset to picking up the phone and speaking in Italian in the formative years of her career.
  • How she became a connector of people across different geographies and industries through leadership roles in the organisation of professional conferences.
  • Her passion for networking and how she helps those new to professional networking accelerate their engagement.
  • How networking delivers far more benefits to you in the future than in the short-term, and how the “give first” mentality will ultimately come back to you positively.

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