Sept. 23, 2022

191: MoneyTalks #53 | Ethereum Post-Merge l Revolut Pay Later Trial | a16z Funds Sequence and Sardine | Bored Yachts

191: MoneyTalks #53 | Ethereum Post-Merge l Revolut Pay Later Trial | a16z Funds Sequence and Sardine | Bored Yachts

Eoin and Pete talk through the aftermath of the Ethereum Merge, some pandas and goofy songs, an early-morning Bankless livestream of the Merge, and critically, a 99% more energy-efficient blockchain. We also look at the new Revolut BNPL product live in Ireland, two new funding deals that a16z did on this side of the pond in Sequence and Sardine, opportunities for bored yacht owners, and how it feels like 2002 all over again with builders still building.

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Ethereum Makes History With Merge to Proof-of-Stake (Crypto Briefing, 15-Sep-22)

Revolut rolls out BNPL product in Ireland (Finextra, 20-Sep-22)

Revolut confirms cyberattack exposed personal data of tens of thousands of users (TechCrunch, 20-Sep-22)

Andreessen Horowitz leads London fintech Sequence’s $19m seed round (Sifted, 20-Sep-22)

Sardine raises $51.5M led by a16z to sniff out fishy fintech transactions (TechCrunch, 20-Sep-22)

Invest Like the Best: Trina Spear - Billion Dollar Scrubs (Podcast episode)

A Bored Ape Ethereum NFT Owner is Launching a Real-World Yacht Club (Decrypt (via Lex Sokolin’s Fintech Blueprint), 15-Sep-22)

Fintech startup Power flexes its credit card muscle following $316M equity, debt injection (TechCrunch, 14-Sep-22)


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