Oct. 7, 2022

193: Express Yourself | Amor Sexton, Blockdaemon and Web3 infrastructure

193: Express Yourself | Amor Sexton, Blockdaemon and Web3 infrastructure

Amor Sexton is Head of International Operations for Blockdaemon, the leading independent blockchain node infrastructure to stake, scale, and deploy nodes with institutional-grade security and monitoring. Amor is an experienced global leader with extensive commercial, legal and operational experience, and a diverse background that includes operations, strategy and commercialization, marketing and communications, regulatory and legal, and design and delivery of enterprise-grade products and solutions.

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In this episode, Amor and Pete Townsend talk through her path into blockchain that led her to Blockdaemon, and also dive into:

  • How her legal experience and time working in innovation, technology and financial services gave her the horizontal view of what it takes to run a business, especially in the crypto and blockchain space.
  • The unexpected legal parallels between bitcoin and native tribal fishing rights in Australia and the trigger for Amor’s entry point into crypto and blockchain.
  • Amidst all of the noise and the hype, how the simplicity of providing an easier way for people to participate in networks enables web3 ecosystem growth.
  • How the institutional infrastructure space in crypto and blockchain and institutional client expectations of resilient internal processes and practices can help drive overall blockchain adoption.
  • How the incredibly complex network upgrade that was the Ethereum Merge proved that a decentralized network can operate at scale.
  • How Amor’s insatiable curiosity, her tendency to think around corners, join abstract dots and break down a problem into its individual components have impacted her ability to adapt to such a broad range of activities in business..
  • How expressing yourself in such a way that is attuned to your audience brings people along with you for the journey, whether it be a colleague or a client you’re trying to win.
  • Amor’s creative outlet and how to wind down after a 12-13 hour day by cooking for family and friends. 


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Episode title inspired by Express Yourself by N.W.A.

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Amor Sexton

Head of Internaitonal Operations, Blockdaemon