March 31, 2023

213: In the Middle | Patrick Pinschmidt and MiddleGame Ventures

213: In the Middle | Patrick Pinschmidt and MiddleGame Ventures

Patrick Pinschmidt is a General Partner and Co-Founder at MiddleGame Ventures, a financial technology venture capital fund focused on early-stage investments in Europe.

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In this episode, Patrick riffs with Pete Townsend on the life experiences that delivered him to venture capital and what Patrick looks for in fintech founders in the context of MiddleGame Ventures’ Irish seed fund. Patrick and Pete also dive into Patrick’s lessons learned as an investor, investing in lines not dots, and the human focus of early-stage investing.



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Episode title inspired by In the Middle by G-Eazy

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Patrick Pinschmidt

General Partner and Co-Founder, MiddleGame Ventures