April 14, 2023

214: World Class | Techstars Web3 Class of 2023

214: World Class | Techstars Web3 Class of 2023

This episode features a rundown of the 12 web3 founding teams that form the Techstars Web3 accelerator class of 2023, along with an intro to each of their CEOs.

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Builders gotta build, and build better.

That was the Techstars Web3 rallying cry when Pete Townsend and Hugh McGirr opened up applications for the Techstars Web3 2023 cohort in November 2022, as finding founders building for the long-term - rather than chasing token markets - was the priority.  

Each one of these 12 founding teams embody web3 in their own way, whether they’re building web3 companies, communities, or economies. Techstars found these founding teams all over the world from Taiwan to the West Coast of the US, and they’re building web3 infrastructure, ‘DeFi Mullets’, DAO tooling, and creator ecosystems.

Meet the companies:

TrustWare-  Secure, recoverable, non-custodial crypto vault that connects users in a social network for sharing value.  Founder location:  USA | CEO featured: Jesse Phillips

TogetherCrew- Some web3 communities fall apart under pressure, others come together stronger. TogetherCrew exists to help build and grow communities by ensuring members and stakeholders create together.   Founder locations:  Spain, India & UK | CEO featured:  Katerina Bohle Carbonell

SonX- Community platform that allows superfans to subscribe to their favourite musicians via a monthly membership fee unlocking fan-only ticketing, exclusive audio content and digital and physical collectibles.  Founder location:  UK | CEO featured:  Lee Gray

SaveChain- The borderless banking app. Self-custody 'stablecoin-only' wallet with banking interface for the global underbanked, with the option to open a FDIC-insured bank account for non-US residents. Metamask meets Revolut. Founder location:  USA | CEO featured: Igor Khmel

Quest- Data infrastructure enabling organizations to leverage user data in a privacy-preserving manner to unlock powerful user experiences. Founder location:  USA | CEO featured: Deb Pratiher

Protico- Enabling web3 chat on apps in seconds for enterprises that want to migrate business and engage customers at the web3 level.  Founder location:  Taiwan | CEO featured:  Howie Young

Peerkat-  Taking the pain out of web3 for users, developers and brands by using deep data science to provide unique insights into digital collectibles. Founder locations:  UK | CEO featured: Greg Hannam

Ospree- Digital asset compliance infrastructure for centralized and decentralized entities.  Founder locations:  Singapore & USA | CEO featured: Javier Tamashiro

OLTA- For creative coders, directors and studio teams who make interactive art that audiences can explore and participate in, Olta brings the essence of change and ownership to art and story.  Founder location: UK | CEO featured: Terrence Reilly

MintyCode- Decentralised IP marketplace, helping software creators who contribute to open source, by protecting their copyright and opening up new monetisation strategies.   Founder location: UK | CEO featured:  Tatiana Botskina

Loki.code- For anyone lacking the technical capacity to build smart contracts, Loki.code provides a workspace where users can create smart contracts safely and easily by dragging, dropping, and connecting code blocks and using ready-to-deploy smart contract templates.  Founder locations: Italy, UK, USA & Brazil | CEO featured:  Federico Panisi

JR Studio- Gaming backend as a service platform giving indie developers and small teams the superpowers to manage multiplayer, web3 gaming, data, analytics, and operations.  Founder locations: Netherlands, Brazil & USA | CEO featured:  Neal Peters


Learn more about the Techstars Web3 Accelerator Class of 2023 and connect with each team here

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Episode title inspired by World Class by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

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Neal PetersProfile Photo

Neal Peters

Co-founder & CEO, JR Studio

Federico PanisiProfile Photo

Federico Panisi

Co-founder & CEO, Loki.code

Tatiana BotskinaProfile Photo

Tatiana Botskina

Co-founder & CEO, MintyCode

Terrence ReillyProfile Photo

Terrence Reilly

Co-founder & CEO, OLTA

Javier TamashiroProfile Photo

Javier Tamashiro

co-founder & CEO, Ospree

Greg HannamProfile Photo

Greg Hannam

Co-founder & CEO, Peerkat

Howie YoungProfile Photo

Howie Young

Founder & CEO, Protico

Deb PratiherProfile Photo

Deb Pratiher

Co-founder & CEO, Quest

Igor KhmelProfile Photo

Igor Khmel

Co-founder & CEO, SaveChain

Lee GrayProfile Photo

Lee Gray

Co-founder & CEO, SonX

Katerina Bohle CarbonellProfile Photo

Katerina Bohle Carbonell

Co-Founder & CEO, TogetherCrew

Jesse PhillipsProfile Photo

Jesse Phillips

Co-Founder & CEO, TrustWare