May 26, 2023

221: First Chain | Greg Hannam, Peerkat, and the Power of NFT Data

221: First Chain | Greg Hannam, Peerkat, and the Power of NFT Data

Greg Hannam is the co-founder and CEO of Peerkat, a data analytics tool for marketers to help them understand their users, increase engagement and drive growth in their web3 strategies. In this episode, Greg chats with Pete Townsend about how his life experience drove him to the Peerkat vision, driving value for brands moving from web2 to web3, the evolution of non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) beyond profile pics, and a few life lessons along the way.

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Peerkat is also one of the 12 founding teams forming the Techstars Web3 accelerator class of 2023.

Peerkat combines multiple data sources with machine learning to connect the dots between web2 and web3 and provide powerful insights into user behavior across disparate platforms.

Before co-founding Peerkat with Ben Marshall and Ike Iwumene, Greg’s roots bring him back to mechanical engineering at the University of Leeds before diving headfirst into deep data analytics and product management.  Greg then worked with a number of VC-backed deep tech startups in the AI space developing product, growth, and operations functions.


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Episode title inspired by ‘First Chain’ by Big Sean ft. Nas and Kid Cudi

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Greg Hannam

Co-founder & CEO, Peerkat