Feb. 7, 2020

074: Crossover - Rudi Falat and the Voice of Fintech

074: Crossover - Rudi Falat and the Voice of Fintech

Rudi Falat from the Voice of Fintech podcast joins Pete Townsend to riff on crossing over from the corporate world into the startup ecosystem, learning by doing, startup and corporate collaboration....and flipping the table with the final question on every MoneyNeverSleeps episode!

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The Voice of Fintech is a podcast mapping out the Swiss and European fintech ecosystem, with the aim of inspiring entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures and connecting them with incubators, accelerators, investors and incumbents.  Rudi runs the podcast from Zurich, Switzerland and has expanded beyond the spoken word with focused events connecting people across the fintech ecosystem in his neck of the woods.  On this episode, Rudi and Pete cover the below topics, and if you'd like an intro to Rudi, please click here.

  • Rudi's inspiration and his affinity for people who understand and believe in the imperative of growth, fueling innovation and relentless new product development.
  • Teaching entrepreneurship versus learning by doing or from those who have done it before.
  • Raising capital outside of your home market when you're from a small country but have a global ambition.
  • The rational or irrational approach of dealflow sourcing by VCs.
  • Corporates engaging in "open innovation" and what startups should look out for to reduce "innovation theater" to a minimum.

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