Nov. 7, 2018

025: Thrift Shop | Eoin Fitzgerald's Story

025: Thrift Shop | Eoin Fitzgerald's Story

Eoin Fitzgerald joins us on the show this week to talk about his journey in fintech, investing, podcasting.....and buying/selling baby equipment!

Eoin Fitzgerald is a Senior Development Adviser – Fintech for Enterprise Ireland. Enterprise Ireland is the Irish Government agency responsible for helping Irish companies scale and internationalize and invests in 200+ companies per year. Eoin works with a portfolio of Fintech clients across areas such as Blockchain, KYC, Payments, P2P Lending, Trade Finance, etc. Eoin previously worked as Fintech Lead and Product Manager in Deutsche Bank. Prior to that, he worked as Head of Underwriting for Future Finance, a large Irish Fintech start-up which raised over €100m for its online lending platform Eoin is also co-host of the popular podcast ‘MoneyNeverSleeps’ which aims to go inside the mind of entrepreneurs and figure out what makes them do what they do. Available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud

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Eoin Fitzgerald


Fintech investor, podcaster, wannabe VC