Nov. 28, 2018

028: The Long Game

028: The Long Game

Kevin Feeney from DataChemist joins us on the show to talk about his mission to make data meaningful...and travelling the length of Africa on public transport!

Data is the new oil and DataChemist is the refinery. DataChemist makes the complicated simple: we transform the messy, inconsistent data sets of the real world into clean, structured and integrated data. Our customers improve decision-making and reduce costs as a result.

Data Chemist was founded with a simple goal: to make data meaningful. As a team we’re entirely focused on helping our clients make sense of their data and build structured, consistent data stores that support decision-making and business intelligence. 

We're united by one belief: that the way the modern enterprise handles data is no longer fit for purpose. We're building a new database and a new way to think about data. If you're interested in coming along for the ride - or in us helping your business, we'd love to talk.