Dec. 5, 2018

029: Why Not Me | Helen Fullen and NDRC

029: Why Not Me | Helen Fullen and NDRC

Helen Fullen from NDRC joins us on the show to talk about supporting entrepreneurs of all sizes and stages...and breaking the mould in London!

NDRC sources and builds young digital companies to invest in. Ensuring digital entrepreneurship is a vibrant and growing part of the economy.

Funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) and established in 2007, NDRC finds, builds and invests in digital companies and startup teams with the potential to grow internationally.

NDRC has invested 255 companies including Nuritas, Logentries, Bizimply, Newswhip, Tandem and SilverCloud Health. 

To the end of 2017, NDRC supported companies have raised €192 million in follow-on investment and employ almost 1,000 people directly.