Feb. 15, 2019

035: Travellin' Man | Andrew Patrick White and FundApps

035: Travellin' Man | Andrew Patrick White and FundApps

Andrew Patrick White from FundApps joins us to talk about his travels as an entrepreneur over the past 9 years....and traveling to over 113 countries!

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Andrew Patrick White, CEO of FundApps joins us on the show this week.

In our previous companies, we saw the pain that installed compliance software caused. We disliked telling prospects that they’d need to buy database licenses and hire IT staff to run & monitor our system. We felt guilty charging clients to upgrade their software to the latest version (especially if they got no added value from the upgrade) and it was embarrassing to have clients wait years for the features they had requested.

FundApps is unique as it provides both technology and content. We make white-hot technology written by some of the best developers around, but we also partner with the most respected content providers in the industry and our experts deliver the rules & updates which happen so frequently in financial regulation nowadays.

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Andrew Patrick White

Founder & CEO, FundApps