Nov. 12, 2019

064: I Can Transform Ya - Eddie Dillon and CreditLogic

064: I Can Transform Ya - Eddie Dillon and CreditLogic

Eddie Dillon from CreditLogic joins us on the show to talk digital transformation, making the move from corporate to entrepreneur...and his love of skiing!

This episode is kindly sponsored by Ireland’s fintech and financial services recruitment specialists, Top Tier Recruitment.  If you would like an intro to the team at Top Tier Recruitment, please click here.

Eddie Dillon is the founder and CEO of CreditLogic who are powering simplified and scalable mortgage origination.  CreditLogic is a  mortgage origination platform for both customer-facing advisors and lenders which reinvents application processing.  The platform streamlines application data capture, validation, review and integration for compliant scalable origination.

If you would like an intro to Eddie, please click here.

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Eddie Dillon

Founder and CEO, CreditLogic