Oct. 18, 2019

062: Money Talks #3: Joining a Startup, Scaling It and 'Adminovate'

062: Money Talks #3:  Joining a Startup, Scaling It and 'Adminovate'

In this next edition of our Money Talks format, Ciaran Walshe from Fund Recs joins us to talk about joining a startup, scaling it, the origins of the Adminovate conference and what to expect for Adminovate 2020.

Kindly sponsored by Ireland’s fintech and financial services recruitment specialists, Top Tier Recruitment.  If you would like an intro to the team at Top Tier Recruitment, please click here.

Ciaran Walshe joined Fund Recs in early 2016 after 8 years in the investment funds industry, taking his leap into fintech with a business that many refer to as a startup.  But after 6 years of operations, Fund Recs are now scaling into an international player in the investment funds industry with clients such as Deloitte, MUFG Investor Services, Link Asset Services and Apex Group.  If you would like an intro to Ciaran Walshe, please get in touch here.

Along with our MoneyNeverSleeps co-host Pete Townsend from Norio Ventures, FundRecs organize and deliver the Dublin-based annual Adminovate conference for the investment funds industry.  Tickets for the 2020 edition are on sale now here!

Fund Recs was founded in 2013 when the company founders were approached by a large bank to develop a new reconciliation platform for it's Fund Administration unit. With over 25 years operational and technology experience between them the team are building a platform to transform how data is managed, processed and leveraged by the Funds Industry.

Taking the latest technology and approaches from the best loved consumer software applications, the Fund Recs team are combining consumer user experience and interfaces with enterprise accuracy, security and availability.  The team at Fund Recs believes that the software we use in day-to-day business activities should be as well designed and easy to use as the consumer applications we enjoy every day in our personal life.

By combining ease of use with powerful processing, flexible data import and key Industry knowledge we have set out on our mission towards developing the most efficient, powerful and cost effective reconciliation software available.