Aug. 23, 2019

055: Paperwork - Martin Brown and Unitek

055: Paperwork - Martin Brown and Unitek

Martin Brown from Unitek joins the show to talk about moving from analogue to digital, eliminating paperwork...and his love of Man United!!

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Martin Brown is the founder & CEO of Unitek AI.  You can follow Martin on Twitter @MartinBrown_AI and keep track of what he's up to with @AIUnitek.

BPI-Unitek is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Led by a diverse group of Executives from Zurich, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle who have a track record of disrupting and changing industries, today we offer a smart, innovative Artificial Intelligence platform that utilises Deep Learning, NLP, Machine Learning to deliver solutions in Handwriting Recognition, Facial Recognition, Fraud Detection and Virtual Agents across a number of industries such as Banking, Insurance and Finance.