Feb. 21, 2020

076: [Replay] Money Made Me Do It - Elaine Deehan

076: [Replay] Money Made Me Do It - Elaine Deehan

In a special replay of one of the best episodes of 2018, Pete Townsend talks to Elaine Deehan about her entry into fintech, her startup ambitions....and her love of the Spanish language!

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This week we’re doing a special replay of Pete Townsend's chat with Elaine Deehan from Season 1 of MoneyNeverSleeps.  When we recorded this in 2018, Elaine was in the midst of bringing her labour of love Pocketwire to market as a startup founder, CEO and Head of Product.  For a number of reasons driven by the phenomenon of “when one door closes, another one opens” and that we’ll explore in an upcoming episode, Elaine is now the Ireland Country Manager for Starling Bank, a challenger bank whose entry into the Irish market that we are certainly eagerly awaiting.  With some recent feedback from listeners and a tide of positive change we're feeling in Irish fintech since Brexit happened, we wanted to go back to our roots this week, and what better way to do that than by replaying the compelling story of Elaine Deehan.  In this episode, Elaine talks through:

  • How working in a big innovation lab with people from a lot of backgrounds and disciplines opened her mind to the possibilities of the combination of technology and banking.
  • How working with fintech startups in Ireland whet her appetite for fintech and led her to working on a blockchain project in the FX space.  
  • Why knowledge and experience of bringing offline processes online are universally applicable.
  • Working closely with founders and getting access and exposure to every aspect of the business when you're with a startup, compared to corporate silos.
  • How fintech propositions should be global, as we’re living in a digital age and all of the problems we’re attempting to solve are global problems.
  • Having grit, determination and fire in the belly, and how self-belief can get you through the tough days.

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