April 17, 2020

081: [REPLAY] Work From Home - Vanessa Tierney and Abodoo

081: [REPLAY] Work From Home - Vanessa Tierney and Abodoo

In a special replay episode from Season 1 that we just couldn't resist bringing back with everyone around the world working from home of late, we talk to Vanessa Tierney, co-founder and CEO of Abodoo, the fastest growing SaaS platform for people and companies embracing 'Smart Working'.

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What we’re all going through right now would make you think that remote working is the new normal, but Aboodo’s mission is to convert this into ‘smart working’ - i.e., whatever combination of remote, in-office, flexible hours and co-working is the most effective for people and the businesses they work for.  It's not likely that we’ll ever be going back to the old way, but trading desk time with your spouse while the kids bounce around the house isn’t normal or certainly all that effective either.  What we expect is that Vanessa and Abodoo will be the bridge from the old way to the true new normal that emerges after this “world on fire” period we’re in subsides.  Abodoo’s tagline of “Life is a journey, not a commute,” has never been more relevant, and check out their most recent video here

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Vanessa Tierney

Co-founder and CEO, Abodoo