Sept. 20, 2019

058: Talk Up | Jo van de Velde and Pete Townsend | Working with Your Investors

058: Talk Up | Jo van de Velde and Pete Townsend | Working with Your Investors

In an excerpt from Flagship Marketing's webinar "How to Survive and Thrive with Your Investor", Jo van de Velde from Euroclear and our own Pete Townsend talk about how important it is to communicate with your investor to maximize the value they can add.

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In this episode, our friends Ian Dalton and Jamie Dalton at Flagship Marketing kindly shared the audio track from a recent webinar entitled “How to survive and thrive with your investor”.  Flagship Marketing supports fresh-thinking fintech companies with inbound marketing services which generate qualified leads and delighted customers for socially motivated, innovative, financial scale ups.  Flagship have tons of incredibly useful marketing guides and workbooks on their website, so log in and learn.

As the webinar was over an hour long, we split it into two parts, and this is Part One.  Featured in Part One is Jo van de Velde, Global Head of Strategy, Product and Innovation at Euroclear, who has partnered with several startups and has great experience on how institutions and nimble startups can best work together.

Also featured in Part One is Pete Townsend, and he talks about talking - literally, as in how important it is for startup founders to talk to their investors to get at the true value-add of their relationship.   As startups and their investors can be moving a hundred miles a minute in different directions on most days, it's critical to slow things down in the context of the board, make sure you've got your governance right, and communicate effectively with the people whose job it is to help unlock value for your business.

Pete points to two great reads that helped him form some thoughts around this in addition to his experience as an independent director and advisor on startup boards.

Angel by Jason Calacanis
The Secrets of Sand Hill Road by Scott Kupor

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