May 30, 2019

048: The Juggler | Paul Nunan and Entrepreneurial Tendencies

048: The Juggler | Paul Nunan and Entrepreneurial Tendencies

Paul Nunan from Link Asset Services joins us on the show to talk about entrepreneurial tendencies...and his love of juggling!

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Link Asset Services is part of Link Group’s Asset Services division and works in partnership internationally with almost 7,000 clients including asset managers and investors, business managers, asset owners, trustees, issuers and borrowers.  We provide the infrastructure through which assets are secured or deployed in both regulated and unregulated markets. 

The 3,000+ members of our team deliver over 70 closely aligned services, helping capital flow through the financial markets by processing £45bn of payments annually; and protecting and safeguarding more than £600bn held in funds, entities and other instruments. We build longstanding relationships and our clients rely on us to provide robust and agile technology, combined with relevant, accurate and timely industry knowledge and expertise.

We have partnered with some clients for generations; and the average tenure of our relationship management team often exceeds ten years. We are excited by the challenge and opportunity of helping our clients flourish as market dynamics play out; shifting regulatory frameworks, the search for investment alpha, the digitisation of the customer interface, the infrastructure funding shortfall, the pensions’ time-bomb…and of course the socio-economic implications of Brexit and the broader geopolitical landscape.

Our unique proposition enables us to connect the different aspects of the capital and financial markets and how they interact, helping enable businesses, individuals and institutions to fulfil their roles and objectives. Furthermore, our consultative client centric approach means we deliver tailored solutions. We help our clients to:

  • Create sustainable returns by increasing end-to-end efficiency leading to less value leakage, faster speed to market and ultimately enhanced IRR
  • Effectively manage financial resources by reducing administrative burdens, giving them more time to focus on value adding activity
  • Mitigate market, regulatory, competitive and operational risks by applying compliance, legal, governance, audit and processing best practices, and safeguarding assets
  • Improve decision-making and navigate the markets by providing access to our expertise and resources, helping them to achieve their business goals and investment strategies.