June 11, 2021

141: Teamwork | Mark Boylan and Trustap

141: Teamwork | Mark Boylan and Trustap

Mark Boylan, CFO at Trustap, joins the show this week to share his story about his leap out of Big 4 and into startup life, finding the right distribution channels to get Trustap into the end users’ hands, the benefit of strong relationships with your early investors, what’s next for Trustap…and being sports mad!

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Trustap is a secure transaction platform that completely protects you from being scammed when you want to buy or sell with someone you don't know, either online or face to face.


On the inception point of Trustap as a solution for individuals: “Conor Lyden (CEO) was often traveling over to England for football matches, and it was always tough to get a hold of match tickets. One of the times he was in Liverpool for a match, it turned out he'd been scammed with a fraudulent ticket. He said 'surely there's something that allows peer-to-peer transactions take place safely’, and it just turns out there wasn't .”

On Trustap’s B2B2C channel: “Despite them having hundreds of thousands of listings, a lot of classified marketplaces are still just an extension of a newspaper ad.  A lot of them don't facilitate the transaction on their platform at all, and many want to get closer to the transaction.  We've already built the solution to plug into their marketplaces and meet the user at the point of sale.”

On bringing his Big 4 experience into Trustap: “You come in and you don't really know anything, but by the end of Year One, you’re teaching what you learned to the people who came after you while you’re learning Year Two. It’s a constant learning experience, but you're also leveraging the knowledge of other people too.”

“We have these team-wide meetings where everyone helps someone facing a problem with a product, for example. It's great to hear views from people from all different parts of the business who might add something to help fix the problem. That [leveraging and learning] is something I think [crossed over] from that [Big 4] experience as well.”

On what makes Trustap work: “It's the people in the background that make it all tick, especially Sean Kelleher, our CTO, who is absolutely phenomenal. He solves every problem that comes his way. The answer is never, 'no, we can’t do that,' it's 'okay, how do we fix that?'”

“The team are all doing great work, everyone's pulling their weight and driving it on as best they can - that's what makes Trustap brilliant.”


Get in touch with Mark Boylan and the Trustap team to learn about becoming a Trustap partner

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Mark Boylan

CFO at Trustap