March 24, 2023

212: Money Talks: Opening the Bitcoin Floodgates | Grayscale vs SEC | Open Banking Meets AI

212: Money Talks: Opening the Bitcoin Floodgates | Grayscale vs SEC | Open Banking Meets AI

Eoin Fitzgerald and Pete Townsend take a look at the aftermath of the American Bankpocalypse with contrasting views on bitcoin as a safe haven, and how a potential outcome of Grayscale’s lawsuit of the SEC may be opening the floodgates of crypto into institutional finance.  Eoin and Pete also dig into the $600mn raise by open-banking-meets-AI startup Abound, the crossover of these themes into African fintech, and how a new EU regulatory framework around AI may slow down not only Abound’s AI-powered consumer lending platform but also the overall commercial growth of AI applications in Europe.

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Cryptoverse: Bitcoin passes the bank stress test (Reuters,21-Mar-23)

A Dozen Reasons Why the SEC Should Have Approved Grayscale's Spot Bitcoin ETF (CoinDesk, 7-Mar-23)

GBTC jumps this week while Grayscale CEO ‘encouraged’ after oral arguments in court battle with SEC over spot bitcoin ETF (Marketwatch, 15-Mar-23)

Open banking startup Abound nabs $601M to supercharge its AI-based consumer lending platform (TechCrunch, 6-Mar-23)

‘They’ll all go to the US’: What the EU’s AI law means for European startups (Sifted, 16-Mar-23)


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