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Startup Insights #2: The Unexpected

In this special segment, we feature four founders sharing how they dealt with one thing they didn't expect to face as a founder - Martin Brown from Unitek, Lizzy Hayashida from Change Donations, Andrew Mullaney from Premind and Paul Smyth from Top Tier Recruitment and

Major Distribution

Sorcha Mulligan, founder of the SMEChain, joins us on the show to talk about her journey into entrepreneurial ventures, addressing the SME digital divide with blockchain and distributed ledger technologies...and facing her fears through scuba diving!

Money Talks #5: Anne Boden, Chris Skinner and the Myths of Fintech

We once again get inside the minds of entrepreneurs by diving deep into a recent piece of content that struck a chord, and Chris Skinner's recent blog post on Starling's Anne Boden and her recent talk on the myths of fintech.

I Can Transform Ya

Eddie Dillon from CreditLogic joins us on the show to talk digital transformation, making the move from corporate to entrepreneur...and his love of skiing!

Money Talks #4: Coinbase & the Crypto Economy

Recorded live in Dublin at the BFC EU 2019 conference on DLT and emerging tech, Zeeshan Feroz from Coinbase and Pete Townsend took the stage for a fireside chat on Coinbase's institutional presence, custody as a building block of the crypto economy and crypto regulation.

Money Talks #3: Joining a Startup, Scaling It and 'Adminovate'

In this next edition of our Money Talks format, Ciaran Walshe from Fund Recs joins us to talk about joining a startup, scaling it, the origins of the Adminovate conference and what to expect for Adminovate 2020.

Anything is Possible

We get back into the interview format this week as Paul Smyth returns to the show to talk about his new coaching venture (, getting to the lightbulb moments, the importance of trust and fairness in business relationships....and channeling Wendy from Billions!

Money Talks #2: Startup Marketing and Raising Capital from VCs

We continue this week with our second edition of Money Talks - Rachel Kenny from HubSpot covers the basics of startup marketing and Berndadette Wijnings from Blanco tells her story about digital asset management and raising capital from VCs.

Money Talks #1: Libra vs. Sovereigns, WeWork vs. the World, Uber vs. London

In a new format we're trying with MoneyNeverSleeps, we try to get inside the minds of three entrepreneurs by riffing on recent tech news and venture stories. This episode includes a look at central bank ambitions of the sovereigns pushing back on Mark Zuckerberg's crypto project, Adam Neumann's WeWork legacy, and Uber's London problem.

Talk Up

In an excerpt from Flagship Marketing's webinar "How to Survive and Thrive with Your Investor", Jo van de Velde from Euroclear and our own Pete Townsend talk about how important it is to communicate with your investor to maximize the value they can add.

The Prediction

Andrew Mullaney joins us on the show to talk stock markets, perception, the entrepreneurial bug..and living an unassuming life!

Loose Change

Lizzy Hayashida from Change Donations joins us on the show to talk how small change can lead to big impact...and her new-found love of Tipp hurling!!


Martin Brown from Unitek joins the show to talk about moving from analogue to digital, eliminating paperwork...and his love of Man United!!

Startup Insights #1: Hard Decisions

The MoneyNeverSleeps crew picked out six founders from past episodes talking about the hard decisions they've made along the way, including taking the leap, operating without a playbook, building teams, penetrating new markets, and finding your way home from the middle of Cambodia!

100 Miles and Running

Claus Christensen, CEO of Know Your Customer, joins us to talk about racing cars, airplane engines, regulatory technology...and his love of marathons!

Mission Statement

Ollie Walsh, CEO and co-founder of PiPiT, joins us to talk about enabling migrants to support their families back home cheaper and safer, prioritizing your pipeline, social impact....and his love of Tai Chi!

Take One For the Team

Bo Brustkern from Lendit Fintech joins Pete Townsend to talk about finding creativity in finance, leading teams...and finding his Irish roots!

Money in the Middle

Pascal Bouvier of MiddleGame Ventures joins Eoin Fitzgerald on stage at a Nadifin Accelerator event in Ireland to talk about fintech today, the future and how results of upcoming elections can drive Transatlantic moves!


Dan Ramamoorthy, otherwise known as 'DanRam', joins us on the show to talk about travelling the world as a speaker, entrepreneur, artist and coach...and his love of chocolate!

The Juggler

Paul Nunan from Link Asset Services joins us on the show to talk about entrepreneurial tendencies...and his love of juggling!

Book Of Rhymes

Matthew Le Merle joins us on the show to talk about angel investing, venture investing and why he's written a few books!

Golf Boys

Dean Klatt from Seed Golf joins us on the show to discuss building the next great golf brand.

Connect - Part 2

The second part of our interview with Mihai Alisie of AKASHA Foundation as he talks about future plans and his skill at poker!


Mihai Alisie, Founder of the AKASHA Foundation, joins us on stage at Dublin Tech Summit to talk about collected vs collective intelligence, blockchain and humanity

Somebody to Love

Dan Calvert, Head of Partnerships at N26, joins us on stage at Dublin Tech Summit to talk about building a bank that everyone loves!

Big Bank

Sean Faughnan joins us on the show to discuss his stealth mode start-up, history, Hollywood, politics..and owning a castle!

Racing Stripes

Andrea Reynolds from Swoop joins us on the show to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur, pitching in Downing Street...and her love of Formula 1!


Meredith Moss from Finomial joins us on the show to talk all things RegTech, to share her journey as an entrepreneur..and her love of composting!

Ultimate Rush

Simon Cocking from Irish Tech News joins us to talk all things technology...and his love of Ultimate Frisbee!

Episode 38 - Friends & Respect

A bumper episode this week with Pete Townsend joined by Paul Smyth, Laura Smyth, Lisa White and Vessy Tasheva to discuss all things diversity in the workplace and life.

Episode 37 - Fight For Your Right

Graham Rodford from Archax joins us to talk about building bridges between blockchain and the traditional investment world...and his love of MMA!

Episode 36 - Paper Chase

Jennifer Hourihane from Oathello joins us to talk about bringing technology to the execution of legal documents....and her love of farming!

Episode 35 - Travellin' Man

Andrew Patrick White from FundApps joins us to talk about his travels as an entrepreneur over the past 9 years....and travelling to over 113 countries!

Episode 34 - DNA

Pete Townsend joins us to talk about working with startups, how being helpful is in his DNA....and his love of baseball and statistics!

Episode 33 - I Might Need Security

Stefan Uygur joins us from 4Securitas to talk about, a lifetime of cybersecurity, gardening analogies...and flying military helicopters!

Episode 32 - Starting Over

Rich Corbett from joins us on the show today to discuss supporting start-ups, lessons learned...and his new-found love of hurling!!

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