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Ultimate Rush

Simon Cocking from Irish Tech News joins us to talk all things technology...and his love of Ultimate Frisbee!

Episode 38 - Friends & Respect

A bumper episode this week with Pete Townsend joined by Paul Smyth, Laura Smyth, Lisa White and Vessy Tasheva to discuss all things diversity in the workplace and life.

Episode 37 - Fight For Your Right

Graham Rodford from Archax joins us to talk about building bridges between blockchain and the traditional investment world...and his love of MMA!

Episode 36 - Paper Chase

Jennifer Hourihane from Oathello joins us to talk about bringing technology to the execution of legal documents....and her love of farming!

Episode 35 - Travellin' Man

Andrew Patrick White from FundApps joins us to talk about his travels as an entrepreneur over the past 9 years....and travelling to over 113 countries!

Episode 34 - DNA

Pete Townsend joins us to talk about working with startups, how being helpful is in his DNA....and his love of baseball and statistics!

Episode 33 - I Might Need Security

Stefan Uygur joins us from 4Securitas to talk about, a lifetime of cybersecurity, gardening analogies...and flying military helicopters!

Episode 32 - Starting Over

Rich Corbett from joins us on the show today to discuss supporting start-ups, lessons learned...and his new-found love of hurling!!

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