Nov. 29, 2019

066: Major Distribution - Sorcha Mulligan from SMEChain

066: Major Distribution - Sorcha Mulligan from SMEChain

Sorcha Mulligan, founder of the SMEChain, joins us on the show to talk about her journey into entrepreneurial ventures, addressing the SME digital divide with blockchain and distributed ledger technologies...and facing her fears through scuba diving!

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Sorcha Mulligan is an expert in driving business development strategies from a blank canvas, raising the profiles of the brands she works with in new markets by building reciprocal relationships through her global network. Sorcha has broad and deep experience in working with small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in a financial and broader business capacity, and has an excellent understanding of their everyday challenges.

Through her awakening to the potential for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to enable significant changes to how SMEs do business, especially in the context of supply chains, she came across a problem.  While many big corporates have people working on digitalizing elements of their business (or their entire business!) and how they engage with customers and suppliers, SMEs with more modest technology budgets are at risk of falling behind.  So, Sorcha is taking on the challenge of moving SMEs up the curve and helping them to get involved with the multiple consortia engaged in digitalizing supply chains.  If you would like an intro to Sorcha, please click here.

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