July 11, 2019

052: Mission Statement - Ollie Walsh and PiPiT

052: Mission Statement - Ollie Walsh and PiPiT

Ollie Walsh, CEO and co-founder of PiPiT, joins us to talk about enabling migrants to support their families back home cheaper and safer, prioritizing your pipeline, social impact....and his love of Tai Chi!

Ollie Walsh has 20 years' experience of developing strategies for startups and SMEs to target new markets and to grow.  He specilaizes in building teams and implementing plans and making them work, and he puts this experience to work every day as CEO of PiPiT.  

PiPiT is a B2B platform powering international cash transactions to that their network partners and their customers can accept cross-border bill payments in cash, load cash to e-wallets, accept cash for eCommerce orders and lodge cash to bank accounts across borders.   

Ollie founded PiPiT with Julian Callaghan and Rory Ryan in late 2013 in Galway, Ireland, and he has first-hand knowledge of the problem they're solving after moving country shortly thereafter to take part in an accelerator program in Sheffield, England.  The process of moving country, even with a small move from Ireland to England, made them realize how difficult migrating is. Between 2014 and 2017, Ollie & Co. built the business in their spare time, and finally gave up the day jobs in 2017.  Having closed a post-seed round of €1.25mn from West Loop Ventures (Chicago) and Enterprise Ireland in 2018, PiPiT are now in scale-up mode with offices in Ireland and the UK with partner companies in Nigeria, Dubai and Mumbai.

You can get in touch with Ollie at ollie.walsh@pipit.global, learn all about PiPiT at https://www.pipit.global/ and follow PiPiT on Twitter @pipitglobal.

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Ollie Walsh

Co-founder and CEO at Pipit Global