Jan. 24, 2020

072: Money Talks #8: Blockchain Predictions 2020 - Part II

072: Money Talks #8:  Blockchain Predictions 2020 - Part II

This is Part II of a two-part series featuring Matthew LeMerle from Blockchain Coinvestors and Pete Townsend talking through Matthew's predictions for how blockchain will impact the world in 2020, focusing on pro traders embracing sophisticated exchanges, momentum with enterprise blockchains and emerging blockchain unicorns.

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Matthew LeMerle is the Managing Partner of Fifth Era and Keiretsu Capital, who combined are the most active early stage venture investors backing almost 200 companies a year.  Matthew is also the co-founder and managing partner of Blockchain Coinvestors, who are investing in the leading blockchain venture partnerships.

In December 2019, Matthew featured on a Blockchain Coinvestors webinar where he walked through his ten predictions on blockchain for 2020.  The ongoing conflation of 'enterprise blockchain' and 'blockchain-inspired' developments for corporates and institutions, with the merits of the original bitcoin blockchain and the 'crypto-first' mentality, means that a lot of discussions on blockchain can get as excitable as a dog in a butcher shop.  What we've found is that the substitution of the word "blockchain" with "blockchain-inspired" tends to unite competing views on the role of distributed ledger technologies in replacing the world's financial infrastructure.  In this episode, we talk about both crypto-first topics as well as enterprise blockchain, as both are playing a role in the continued digitalization of financial markets and money.

Given the length of the discussion between Matthew and Pete, we split this feature into two parts, with Part I covering Matthew's first six predictions, along with Pete's reflections on each one.  This episode covers Matthew's final four predictions, which are #7-10 in the list below:

  1. G7 / EU nations will announce digital monies
  2. Developing nations will embrace bitcoin
  3. Banks will offer crypto access and custody
  4. Hybrid wallets will become available everywhere
  5. Asset players first deploy blockchain in back offices
  6. No ETFs….indexes and funds will gather assets fast
  7. Pro traders will embrace sophisticated exchanges
  8. Enterprises will utilize hybrid blockchains
  9. More than [another] 5 blockchain unicorns will emerge
  10. Highest returns will still come from early stage (acknowledged by Matthew as more of a fact than a prediction!)

We covered the first six predictions in Part I on episode 71 released on January 17, 2020, so check that out for the rest of the list.  If you would like an intro to Matthew, please click here

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