June 28, 2019

051: Take One For the Team - Bo Brustkern and Lendit Fintech

051: Take One For the Team - Bo Brustkern and Lendit Fintech

Bo Brustkern from Lendit Fintech joins Pete Townsend to talk about finding creativity in finance, leading teams...and finding his Irish roots!

Bo Brustkern is co-founder and CEO of LendIt Fintech, the world’s largest event series that provides context to the rapidly-changing universe of technology’s impact on financial services.  You can follow Bo on Twitter @brustkern.

For over 20 years, Bo has set himself apart as a leader in understanding, funding, and leading cutting-edge developments in fintech and financial services.  Here's his bio and a recent interview with him on Underdog, and the full Lendit Fintech story on the Lendit website

Towards the end of this podcast, Bo talks about a part of his lineage going back to a part of Cork, Ireland in 1833 and his ancestor Timothy Canty - if you've got any information that could be helpful, get in touch on info@moneyneversleeps.ie.

Also, Bo gave a shout out to Marius Jurgilas from the Bank of Lithuania as an interesting and innovative individual to have on the show, so get in touch if you're connected with Marius!

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Bo Brustkern

CEO, Fintech Nexus