Aug. 28, 2020

100: Money Talks #22: Challenges of the Challengers and Top 10 Episodes

100: Money Talks #22: Challenges of the Challengers and Top 10 Episodes

For the 100th episode of MoneyNeverSleeps, Eoin and Pete dive into their favorite topic – the challenges of challenger banks – and look back to the first 99 episodes to build out a list of their Top 10 episodes.

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Before we started the episode, we were thrilled to announce our inclusion in FeedSpot’s Top 20 Entrepreneur Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020. Thank you FeedSpot!

We start this week with the crossover of a few pieces of content from the past two weeks on challenger banks, in particular the Big 3 of Monzo, Starling and Revolut. Recent reports highlighted their financial results and compared and contrasted them, and one thought from Lex Sokolin of the Fintech Blueprint particularly struck a chord, and this is at the heart of what we dug into on the first half of this episode through the following stories:

Starling, Revolut and Monzo’s annual results compared (Sifted, 17-Aug-20)

Art Wittmann, Industry Research in “Chasing Profitability in a Changing Media Landscape” (Oracle NetSuite’s Brainyard)- how media companies make money

PRA challenges business models of new banks in consultation paper (Finextra, 24-Aug-20)

In the second half of the episode, Pete and Eoin each went through their Top 5 MoneyNeverSleeps episodes of all time to come up with the Top 10. Listen in to find out why, and also hear our ‘honorable mentions’, but here’s the big list!

Ep 99 - Peter Geoghegan and Democracy for Sale

Ep 93 - Be Direct - Zac Liew

Ep 57 - The Prediction - Andrew Mullaney

Ep 42 - Big Bank - Sean Faughnan

Ep 38 - Friends & Respect - Laura Smyth, Paul Smyth, Lisa White, Vessy Tasheva

Ep 37 - Fight for your Right - Graham Rodford

Ep 26 - Birds of a Feather - Ann O’Dea

Ep 23 - Money Made Me Do It - Elaine Deehan

Ep 15 - Angels - Chris Adelsbach

Ep 1 - The Re-up - Brian Norton

Thanks to all of our guests since May 2018 for their willingness to join us, their openness, their insights and above all else, helping us to figure out what makes them do what they do.  Please visit MoneyNeverSleeps for all of our other episodes.


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