Oct. 16, 2020

107: Cross-Trainers | Sorcha Finucane and TrainedIn

107: Cross-Trainers | Sorcha Finucane and TrainedIn

Sorcha Finucane, Founder of TrainedIn, joins the show to talk about her inspiration for the business, the network effects of the platform, the ‘platformification’ of trust and referrals, the fairness of SME access to training vs. that of big business, how experience with both sides of the problem increases network value….and her life in an alternate universe in the military!


TrainedIn is an online platform assisting training and consultancy providers in showcasing their business and services while connecting them with individuals and organisations in need of their services.

When we learned about Sorcha and TrainedIn recently, our initial intrigue was driven by the network effects of professional training, where buyers bring more sellers and sellers bring more buyers. Also, as the whole world of professional training became virtual very quickly a few months ago, we wanted to know more about how those delivering training and those in need of training programs were keeping things moving. Pete comes from a family of educators, and Eoin and his family are experienced in educational endeavors as well, so this one hits close to home.


Sorcha shared how she’s launched the TrainedIn network by artfully bringing both those in need of training and those providing training onto the platform in such a way that brings immediate value, but doesn’t fleece anyone, and the trust-building benefits of this approach.

On creating opportunities: “We can bring smaller providers of training together to jointly tender for a big project, rather than the larger training providers getting all of the big jobs.”

Top skills sought after on TrainedIn in a pandemic – health and safety, leadership, emotional intelligence, project management, wellness and that old chestnut - Excel training.

Sorcha’s insight that everyone should spend some time in the hospitality industry, especially with understanding customer service, and “if you can communicate with people, you can travel the world with a hospitality passport.”

On making the right jump: “If you’re thinking about taking a big leap as an entrepreneur, call someone who won’t give you a load of BS and will help you make up your own mind. It’s your own mind that you need to make up, it’s not someone telling you that you should do it, because you have to believe in what you’re doing or else it won’t work.”

Finally, a shout out to Sorcha’s two dogs, Coco and Reilly, as the first ever non-humans on the show!

To learn more about TrainedIn, get in touch at contact@trainedin.global.

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