April 28, 2023

216: One Tribe | Katerina Bohle Carbonell, TogetherCrew and Web3 Communities

216: One Tribe | Katerina Bohle Carbonell, TogetherCrew and Web3 Communities

Katerina Bohle Carbonell is the co-lead of TogetherCrew, one of the 12 founding teams forming the Techstars Web3 accelerator. Some web3 communities fall apart under pressure, others come together stronger. TogetherCrew exists to help build and grow communities by ensuring members and stakeholders create together.

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Katerina’s life’s work goes broad and deep on how members of teams and communities attract, engage and retain new contributors, and how people collaborate and co-create within communities - collectively known as ‘network science’.  With the advent of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) in the last few years and the massive opportunity to apply network science to web3 communities, Katerina joined up with Daniel Ospina and Ashish Gangrade to co-lead TogetherCrew in 2022.

Katerina and Pete Townsend dig into how her life’s work led her to TogetherCrew, what TogetherCrew is doing right now, the longer-term vision for TogetherCrew when virtual organizations become the norm, the challenges that Katerina expects they’ll face on the way there.


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Episode title inspired by ‘One Tribe’ by Black Eyed Peas

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Katerina Bohle CarbonellProfile Photo

Katerina Bohle Carbonell

Co-Founder & CEO, TogetherCrew