Jan. 6, 2023

203: MoneyTalks: 2023 Web3 & Fintech Predictions | Techstars Web3 Update | Using ChatGPT | Fintech & Crypto Leadership

203: MoneyTalks: 2023 Web3 & Fintech Predictions | Techstars Web3 Update | Using ChatGPT | Fintech & Crypto Leadership

This week, Eoin Fitzgerald and Pete Townsend riff on the latest on Sam Bankman-Fried before diving into a few of the fintech and web3 predictions for 2023 published recently, then we do an experimental walk-through of the AI bot ChatGPT. We finish up with a look at some of the January leadership changes in fintech and crypto and an update on the Techstars Web3 accelerator.

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This episode of MoneyNeverSleeps is sponsored by SecuriCentrix. SecuriCentrix is a trusted cyber security company with offices in Dublin, Cape Town and London. SecuriCentrix provides expert advisory services, primarily in the finance and fintech industries, with tailored security solutions to fit your specific needs and regulatory challenges.


What’s in store for European fintech in 2023? (Sifted, 3-Jan-23)

Web3 in 2023 (Life in Color Blog, 2-Jan-23)

Is Binance in Trouble? (Forbes, 14-Dec-22)

Gemini’s Winklevoss accuses crypto mogul Silbert of ‘bad faith stalling tactics’ over frozen funds (CNBC, 4-Jan-23)

This is what the future holds for cryptocurrencies (World Economic Forum Davos blog, 2-Jan-23)

In a banking industry first, neobank Cogni adds noncustodial Web3 wallet (Yahoo Finance, 22-Dec-22)

ChatGPT is Coming for Crypto (Forbes (via CoinDesk), 28-Dec-22)

Goldman Sachs' consumer banking unit head steps down (Reuters, 3-Jan-23)

Zodia Custody Appoints Crypto Exchange Bitstamp’s Julian Sawyer as CEO (CoinDesk, 3-Jan-23)

Techstars Web3 accelerator investment thesis 2.0 (Techstars Newsroom, 26-Nov-22)


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Eoin Fitzgerald


Fintech investor, podcaster, wannabe VC

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Pete Townsend


Web3 & fintech investor, MD @Techstars Web3, founder of Norio Ventures, mentor, non-executive director, podcaster and bad guitar player.